Membership Directory (Past & Present)



Area of Practice:

Christopher Adams Labor and Employment, Municipal Law
David Adgate
Jeff Appel Workers’ Compensation Law, Social Security Lawyers
Judge Michelle Appel Judge, Consumer Law, Criminal Law
Michael Ard-Kelly
Faith Arminiak
Charles “Rob” Ash, III Litigation, Negligence Law, FLSA
Judge Sandra Aspinall Magistrate
Sarah Atkinson Immigration, International Law
Thomas Auth Personal Injury
Patrick Bagley Personal injury
Daniel Bain Criminal Law, Real Property Law
Elizabeth (Beth) Baker Immigration, International Law
Dennis Barnes Business Litigation, Commercial Litigation, Mediator, Insurance Coverage, Legal Malpractice, Federal Practice, Intellectual Property
Carl Joseph Barone Elder Law & Disability Rights, Probate & Estate Planning
Bridget Barrett
Jeremy Bass
Maura Battersby Murphy Insurance Defense Litigation
Ann Beck
George Benko Labor & Employment Law, Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law, Taxation
William Berardo
Katie Beres
Meghan Berkery
Judge Annette Berry Judge, Business Law
Thomas Biggers Business Law, Government Law, Labor & Employment Law, Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law
George Blackmore
Deanne Bonner Simpson Military and Veterans’ Law
John Borchers
Tim Bradley Intellectual Property Law
William Brady Probate & Estate Planning, Social Security Lawyers
Kyle Bredell General Practice, Insurance, Litigation, Negligence Law, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Insurance Coverage, Medical Malpractice
James Brennan
John F. Brennan General Practice, Arbitration & Mediation, Business Law, Construction Law, Contracts, Family Law, Intellectual Property, Copyrights, Patents, Labor & Employment, Mortgage Foreclosures, Negligence Law, Personal Injury, Property Tax Law, Torts, Traffic Law, Wrongful Death, Legal Malpractice, Professional Liability, Workers Compensation
James Patrick Brennan Magistrate
Judge Mary Ellen Brennan Judge, Family Law, Children’s Law
Vincent Brennan In-house Counsel
Gary Bresnehan Prosecutor
Brian Broderick Education/Government
Terrence Bronson Retired Judge
Judge Michael Brown District Court Judge
Colin Bryce
John Burns
John Cahalan Automobile, Civil Rights, Contracts, Criminal Defense, Election/Campaign/Political Law, Family Law, Insurance, Labor & Employment, Personal Injury, Premises Liability, Transportation Law, Torts, Wrongful Death
John Cahill
Gerald Cahill
Kerry Cahill Labor & Employment Law, Litigation
Patrick T. Cahill
Ian Caldwell Criminal Defense, Family Law, Personal Injury
Judge Jennifer Callaghan Judge, Probate & Estate Planning
Elizabeth Callahan-Morris Health Care Law, Information Technology Law
Judge Thomas Cameron Judge
Stephen Campbell Administrative & Regulatory Law Section, Environmental Law
Andrew Capelli Teacher
Peter Capling Retired
Kristen Capling
Patrick Carmody General
Julia Caroff
Michael Carroll Insurance and Indemnity Law, Real Property Law
John Casey Prosecutor
Thomas Casey
Timothy Casey Insurance & Indemnity Law
Megan Cashen Estate Planning, Probate Administration, Wills, Real Estate Law, Landlord Tenant Law, Contracts, Trusts
Cynthia Cassell
James Cassidy
Judge Michael Cavanagh Retired Justice on Michigan Supreme Court, Family Law
Judge Jerome Cavanagh Judge
Philip Cavanagh
Alex Cavanaugh Business Law, Litigation, Real Property Law
Clarence Charest
Judge James Chylinski Judge, Criminal Law
Dennis Clark White Collar Criminal Defense (Trial and Appellate), ADR
John Clark White Collar Criminal Defense (Trial and Appellate), ADR
Phil Clark General School Law, Board Counsel, Business Contracts, Labor and Employment, Municipal Law, Student Matters
Hansen Clarke Business Law, Children’s Law, Elder Law & Disability Rights, Environmental Law, Government Law, Insurance and Indemnity Law, Litigation, Negligence Law, Real Property Law, Taxation
Dennis Cleary ADR, Commercial Law, Personal Injury, Family Law, Litigation
Patrick Cleary
Judge Robert Cleland Retired Judge
Connor Cloherty
Michael Coakley Intellectual Property, Litigation
Erin Cobane
Dianna Collins Criminal law
Judge Jane Colombo Magistrate, Workers’ Compensation Law
Vincent Condon
Debra Conry
Molly Kathleen Conway Litigation
Kelsey Cooke Government Law
Justice Maura Corrigan Litigation, Appellate Practice
Margaret Costello Veterans Law, ADR, International Law, Military Affairs, Negligence Law
Judge Sean Cox Judge
Elisabeth Coyne
Brian Craigo Criminal
Michael Cretu Appellate Practice, Criminal Law
James Crowley Education and School Law, Election Law, Campaign and Political Law, Government Finance, Non-profit and Tax-exempt Organizations
Candace Crowley State Bar
Kristin Crowley
Richard Cunningham American Indian Law, Animal Law, Criminal Law
Judge Jacob Cunningham Judge
James Cunningham Family Law
Jennifer Cupples Business Law, Construction Law, Contracts, Probate & Estate Planning, Liquor Licensing, Insurance & Indemnity Law, Real Property Law
Kathryn Cushman Family Law
Judge Paul Cusick Judge, Criminal Law
Brian Dailey Personal Injury, Litigation, Negligence Law
Richard (Dick) Daly
Michael Dean Family Law, Probate
Judge Peter Deegan Retired Judge
John Deegan Negligence Law, Workers’ Compensation Law
Nicholas Degel
Benjamin Deneweth Prosecutor
F. Patrick Devine
Nancy J Diehl Children’s Law, Criminal Law
Donald Dillon Auto, Adoption, Guardianship and Conservatorship
John Dillon
Timothy Dinan Criminal, Attorney Misconduct, Probate and Estate Planning
Paul Doherty Litigation
Kelley Donnelly
Timothy Donovan Administrative & Regulatory Law, Business Law, Information Technology Law, Insurance & Indemnity Law, Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law
Brian Dowgiallo Real Estate
Judge Patrick Duggan Judge
Maryanne Dunleavy Banking/Finance
Terence Durkin Labor & Employment Law, Litigation
Christopher Dutot Immigration
Sean Dutton Appellate Practice, Business Law, Commercial Law
Hillary Eagen Litigation
Frederick Ecclestone Personal injury
Patrick Edwartowski Administrative & Regulatory Law, Insurance, Personal Injury
Elaria Essak
Abigail Eynon Commercial Bankruptcy
Susan Fairchild Federal Criminal Prosecution, Assistant US Attorney
James Farrell Assistant Attorney General
Michael Farrell
Karen Field Prosecutor
Patrick Filbin Law Practice Management & Legal Administrators, Negligence Law
James Fillmore Criminal
Jessica Finegan
Timothy Finegan Litigation, Negligence Law, Workers’ Compensation
Daniel Finwall
Francis Fitzgerald
John Fitzgerald Negligence Law
Lori Fitzpatrick-Timar Probate/Criminal
Margaret Flanagan Government Law, Litigation, Probate & Estate Planning
Matthew Flynn
John Foley
Jeremiah Foley
Patrick Foley Business Law
Rita Foley Social Security
Robert Foley
Matthew Forrest Criminal Law
Stuart Fraser Negligence Law
Teresa Fredericks Retired – Insurance Defense
Stephen Frey Prosecutor
James Frisch
Kathleen Galen Family Law, Probate & Estate Planning
Brian Gallagher
Chelsea Gallagher Insurance & Indemnity Law, Negligence Law
James Gallagher
Mark Gallagher
Don Geiner
Miles Gerou
Judge Michael Gerou Judge
Michael Gibbons Business Law, Labor & Employment Law, Litigation
William Gilbride ADR, Business Law, Litigation
John Gilhool Family Law
Erma Gillis Probate
Jane Gillis Prosecutor
John Gillis Criminal Law, Litigation
Judge John Gillis Jr. Judge
Terrance Gilsenan Elder Law & Disability Rights, Probate & Estate Planning
Michael Glynne Prosecutor
Shaun Godwin Civil Rights, Criminal Defense, Municipal Law
Clyde Goodwin Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law
Alex Grapentin
Robert Rutledge Gray Juvenile law
Jacquelyn Grimm
Joseph Grinnan
Michael Gunderson Insurance and Indemnity Law, Negligence Law, Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law
Charles Haas
Meg Hackett Education law
Patrick Hackett
Patrick Haddad Business Law, Health Care Law
Judge Richard Halloran Judge, Family Law
Kathleen Halloran Family Law
Douglas Hamel
James Hand
Brian Hartwell Civil Rights, Collections, Contracts
Jennifer Hastings Business Law, Information Technology Law
Judge Thomas Hathaway Judge, Labor & Employment Law
Judge Dana Hathaway Judge
Daniel Hathaway Litigation, Negligence Law
Diane Hathaway
Jana Havassy
Emiko Marie Hayashi Wills &  Trust, Landlord & Tenant, Tax
Dennis Hayes
Liam Healy Labor & Employment Law
Sean Heck Criminal Law, Elder Law & Disability Rights, Labor & Employment Law, Probate & Estate Planning
Judge Charles Hegarty Judge, Family Law
Elyse Heid Medical Malpractice
Maureen Heilmann Negligence Law
George Heitmanis Elder Law & Disability Rights, Probate & Estate Planning
Thomas Herrmann Retired-Personal Injury
McKenzie Higgins
Mark Hindelang Prosecutor
Brian Hommel Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law
James T. Houlihan Insurance & Indemnity Law, Litigation, Real Property Law
Anissa Hudy Bankruptcy, Arbitration & Mediation, Bank Workouts
Judge Muriel Hughes Judge, Business Law
William Hurley Negligence Law
Paul Huth Real Property Law, Corporate
Veronica Ibrahim
Sundus Jaber
James Jernigan Real Property Law
Rod Johnston Class Action/Employment
James Jolly Landlord Tenant, Criminal
Brian Jordan
Jeremy Justice Intellectual Property Law
Stephanie Kastaw
Judge Sean Kavanagh Judge
Terrence Keating Probate & Estate Planning
Edward Keelean Litigation, Negligence Law
Stephen Kelley Litigation, Appellate Practice, Environmental Law, Insurance & Indemnity Law
Judge Connie Kelley Judge, Family Law
Frank Kelley
Douglas Kelly Antitrust, Franchising & Trade Regulation, Environmental Law
Judge Daniel Kelly Judge, Business Law, Criminal Law, Labor & Employment law Negligence Law, Real Property Law
Justice Marilyn Kelly Judge (retired), Family Law
Mary Kelly
Judge Michael Kelly Judge
Michael Kelly
Linda Kennedy Business Law, Intellectual Property Law
Paulina Kennedy
Judge Timothy Kenny Judge, Criminal Law, Real Property Law
Richard Kent
Daniel King Insurance Defense, Workers’ Compensation
Charles Kleinbrook
Kathleen Kohn
Judge Amy Krause Judge, Appellate Practice, Criminal Law, Family Law Negligence Law
Judge James Lacey Judge (retired)
Deborah Lampar
Judge Cynthia Lane Judge, Criminal Law, Family Law, Litigation
J. Robert Langan Real Property Law
Frederick Lauck Criminal, Personal Injury
Judge T. David Law Judge
Jami Leach Negligence Law
Jason Long Appellate Practice, Real Property Law, Taxation
Michael Long ADR, Labor & Employment Law
Dennis Loughlin Business Law, Litigation
Paul Louisell Criminal Law
James (Jamie) Low Insurance & Indemnity Law, Litigation
Edward Lynch Healthcare Law
Ruth Lyons
Leon Lysaght
Pamela Lysaght
Judge James Maceroni Judge
Samuel MacLeod
Judge Megan Maher Brennan Judge (retired), ADR
Joshua Mahoney
Douglas Mains Administrative & Regulatory Law Section, Government Law, Marijuana Law
Erin Malone
Amanda Maly
Paul Manion Negligence Law
Jonathon Marko Litigation, Negligence Law, Personal Injury, Civil Rights
Jerrold Marsh
Elizabeth Martin
David Martyn Real Property Law
Stephanie Martin
Thomas Matthews Negligence Law, Litigation, Family, Probate
Erik Mayernik Family Law
Mary McAuliffe
Marcia McBrien Animal Law, Appellate Practice, Religious Liberty
James C. McCann Probate & Estate Planning
Judge James McCann Judge – Deceased
Kathleen McCann Judge, Criminal Law
Wade McCann Criminal Law
Kathleen (Kate) McCarroll Immigration, International Law
Anne Marie McCarthy Prosecutor, Criminal Law, Family Law
Daniel McCarthy Appellate
Jean McCarthy Intellectual Property Law
Patrick McCarthy Business Law, Litigation
Colleen McClorey Healthcare Law, Information Technology Law
Todd McConaghy Criminal Law, Family Law, Litigation, Negligence Law
Justice Bridget McCormack Judge
Judge Julie McDonald Judge, Family Law
Douglas McEvoy Intellectual Property Law
Judge Michael McGann Retired ALJ
Alexander McGarry
Joseph McGill Business Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Law, Insurance
Lauren McGill Insurance
Donald McGinnis Family Law
Judge Maureen McGinnis Judge
Timothy McGlinchey
Joseph McGlynn Real Property Law
Meghan McGlynn Negligence Law
Brian McKeen Medical Malpractice
James McKenna Negligence Law, Personal Injury
Judge Gail McKnight Judge (retired)
Dennis McLain Family Law, Marijuana Law, Negligence Law, Probate & Estate Planning
Daniel McLean Labor & Employment Law, Litigation
Laura McMahon Lynch Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law
John McNally
Frank McNelis Probate, Criminal, ADR, Facilitation
John McPhee Negligence Law, Insurance, Litigation, Appellate Practice
Barbara McQuade Criminal Law, National Security, Data Privacy, Civil Rights
Patrick McQueeney Family Law
Kevin McQuillan Appellate Practice
John McSorley Litigation
Patrick McTigue Business
James Mellon Insurance and Indemnity Law
Bryan Melvin Real Property Law, Marijuana Law
Sean Mick
William Montgomery Criminal, Family, Probate, Litigation
Andrew Moore International Law, Torts
Mark Moore
Brian Morrow Prosecutor
James Mulcahy Elder Law & Disability Rights, Probate & Estate Planning
Patrick Mulcahy Insurance & Indemnity Law, Litigation, Negligence Law
Timothy Mullins Government Law, Insurance and Indemnity Law, Labor & Employment Law, Litigation, Negligence Law, Workers’ Compensation Law
Kevin Mulvaney
Frances Murphy Negligence Law, Criminal Law, Insurance and Indemnity Law
Joseph Murphy
Kevin Murphy
Sean P. Murphy
Judge E. Murray Judge (retired)
Michael Murray
Michael Murray
Thomas Myers Negligence Law (retired)
Tommy Nafso Marijuana Law
Sean Nichols Elder Law & Disability Rights, Probate & Estate Planning
Michael Nichols Criminal Law, Marijuana Law
Judge Julie Nicholson Judge
Catherine Niedermaier
Charles Noe
Jeffrey Noe
Margaret Noe
Lawrence Nolan Personal Injury, Negligence Law, Animal Law
Mary Anne Noonan Family Law
Judge Daniel O’Brien Judge
John O’Brien Prosecutor, Criminal Law
Thomas O’Brien Criminal Law, Health Care Law, Negligence Law
Dennis O’Bryan Maritime Law, Personal Injury, Negligence Law
Robert O’Donnell Business Law
John O’Hair Retired, Agricultural Law
Sean O’Mara Consumer Law
Patrick O’Meara
Ryan O’Neil Family Law, Appellate Practice, Criminal Law
Terence O’Neill
James O’Neill III Insurance Defense, Litigation
James O’Reilly Elder Law & Disability Rights, Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law, Social Security Lawyers, Workers’ Compensation Law
Alanna O’Rourke Appellate Practice, Criminal Law
Judge Richard Page Judge
James Parks Appellate Practice, Aviation & Aerospace, Purchase and Sales
Dawn Patterson Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law
Senator Bruce Patterson Senator
Peter Peacock Government Law, Negligence Law
Dennis Pheney Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law
Michael Philbrick Business Law, Health Care Law
Thomas Plunkett
Lauretta Pominville Insurance & Indemnity Law
Judge Dennis Powers Judge (retired), ADR, Elder Law & Disability Rights, Family Law, Real Property Law
Scott Powers Business Law, Consumer Law, Litigation, Negligence Law
John Price III Employee Benefits
Mary Anne Quinn
Jerome Quinn Sr.
Jerome Quinn, Jr. Elder Law & Advocacy, Guardianship & Conservatorship, Medicaid & Medicare
Marie Racine Business, Litigation, Real Property, General Practice
Elizabeth Rae-O’Donnell
James Raftery ADR, Negligence Law
Judge Kelly Ramsey Judge, Criminal Law, Children’s Law
Andrew Ratus
Lauren Raynor
Stephen Reaume Business Law
Timothy Reaume Wealth Management
Margaret (Reidy) Fitzgerald Negligence Law
Michael Rex Criminal Law
Wallace Riley Corporate
Meghan Riordan Immigration
Judge Michael Riordan Judge, Appellate Practice
Tina Ripley Criminal Law
Alexandria Roberts
Sydnee Rogers Criminal Law, Government Law
Colleen Ronayne Family Law
John Ronayne ADR, Arts, Communication, Entertainment & Sports Law
Brian Rooney
Scott Rooney Litigation, Negligence Law
Holland Roper Criminal Law
Paul Rosen
Dan Roy
Daniel Rust Appellate Practice, Criminal Law
Charles Rutherford Intellectual Property Law
John Rutherford
Alvin Rutledge
Michael Rutledge
Judge Kathleen Ryan Judge, Probate & Estate Planning Law, Family Law
Judge Daniel Ryan Judge (retired), ADR, Business Law, Insurance & Indemnity Law, International Law, Litigation, Negligence Law
Thomas Ryan ADR, Criminal Law, Government Law, Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law
Judge James Ryan Judge (retired)
Nicholas Ryan Elder Law & Disability Rights, Probate & Estate Planning
Stephen Ryan Antitrust, Franchising & Trade Regulation, Appellate Practice, Business Law, Elder Law & Disability Rights, Family Law, Health Care Law, Litigation, Real Property Law
Judge Kenneth Sanborn Judge (retired)
Kay Schloff Government Law (retired)
Daniel Schouman Commercial Law, Contracts, Criminal Defense
John Schrot Family Law
Mike Schweyen Criminal Law
Daniel Scully Jr. Litigation, Negligence Law
Barry Seifman Negligence Law
Bartholomew Seymour Real Property Law
Joseph Shada Prosecutor
Aaron Shahan Probate & Estate Planning
Danielle Shamus Prosecutor, Criminal Law
Joseph Shannon ADR, Litigation
Daniel Sharkey Business Law, Litigation
Charles Shaw Business Law, Probate & Estate Planning, Real Property Law
Michelle Shember
Kory Shimek Family Law
Kirsten Slaney
Carolyn Slasinski Griem
Judge Mark Slavens Judge, Criminal Law
Nancy Slezak Prosecutor
Timothy Sloan Business, Finance
Michael Smith Appellate Practice
Kevin Smith General Practice
Martin Smith Business
Kristi Solon Criminal Law, Family Law, General Practice
Shawn Solon Consumer Law, Litigation, Real Property Law
Amy Somers Prosecutor, Criminal Law
Lise Spresser Family Law
Daniel Stebbins Insurance
Kory Steen Litigation, Business Law
Eric Sterbis Prosecutor
Parker Stinar Negligence Law, Medical Malpractice
Allyson Stoeck
Ben Stoltman Probate & Estate Planning
Patrick Sturdy Government Law, Insurance & Indemnity Law, Intellectual Property Law, Labor & Employment Law
Patricia Sullivan Immigration
Emily Sullivan Real Estate, Commercial Litigation
Joseph Sullivan Labor & Employment Law
Michael Sullivan Litigation, Professional Liability
Robert Sullivan, Jr. Municipal Law, Nonprofit and Tax Exempt Organizations, Construction Law
Kathleen Svoboda Estate, Probate, Child Protection
Cara Swindlehurst
Judge Mark Switalski Judge, Criminal Law, Family Law, Negligence Law
Britney Szymanski
Judge Leonidas Tavoularis Administrative Law Judge
Sean Taylor Consumer Law, Insurance & Indemnity Law, Subrogation
Judge Carla Testani Judge, Family Law
Kelly Thompson Business Law
Michael Tinney Prosecutor, Criminal Law
Margaret Tobin Family Law
Ann Tobin-Levigne Family Law, ADR
Patrick Tully Business Law
Joseph Urban Government Law, Labor & Employment Law
Elizabeth Van Marcke Prosecutor, Criminal law
William Vincent Labor & Employment
Brian Voorheis Bankruptcy, Family Law, Administrative Law, Regulatory Law
Patrick Walbridge Negligence Law, Marijuana Law
Joseph Walsh Retired
Kelly Walters Banking, Real Property Law
George Ward ADR
Kristyn Webb
Joan Wellman Prosecutor, Criminal Law
Sandy Wells
Benjamin Wilensky Negligence Law
James Williams General Practice
Gary Wilson
Jakob Wojtkowicz
Robert Wolfe
Audra Woods Elder Law & Disability Rights, Probate & Estate Planning
Peter Worden Insurance Defense
Tamara (York) Cook
Kimberly Yourchock International Law, Labor & Employment Law, Litigation
Klara Alice Zierk Health Law, Criminal Law
Susan Zitterman Appellate Practice, Negligence Law